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Vitae Spa, Oceania Park Hotel, Florianop

Vittae Spa

Vittae Spa e Estética offers the best treatments, always with qualified professionals, in a cozy environment and complete service infrastructure for you to have a unique and special moment. Choose a treatment and enjoy the best moment, in the best Spa, with flexible hours and a remarkable experience. Make the most of your stay, get in tune with your body and really relax!


Our massages are based on various techniques and styles of manipulation. After receiving a massage from our therapists, your body will feel more relaxed, light and healthy.

Vitae Spa, Oceania Park Hotel, Florianop
Vitae Spa, Oceania Park Hotel, Florianop


Using the most modern equipment (baths with hydromassage jets, heated water and chromotherapy) the specialized team at Vittae Spa e Estética takes care of your body providing moments of health, beauty and well-being.

Before the bath, we provide a moment of detoxification in the dry sauna and steam room.

Among the benefits of the sauna are the relief of muscle pain, increased blood circulation, skin hydration and unclogging pores. In addition, it relaxes the muscles, cleanses and clears the airways, detoxifies and expels impurities from the body.


These are sessions that focus on improving your mental and physical health, increasing your balance, stimulating your tranquility and your well-being. Discover the therapies available below. 

Vitae Spa, Oceania Park Hotel, Florianop
Vitae Spa, Oceania Park Hotel, Florianop

day spa

A day to renew thoughts, recover energy and find physical and mental balance through a complete experience.


Unique moments with lots of fun for children to relax and have fun while learning to take care of their health and well-being.

Vitae Spa, Oceania Park Hotel, Florianop
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